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Spirituality and Religion in SW Practice

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Click here for a menu of all the Unit 1 modules. 

Unit 1: Module 1


1.0 Welcome

Welcome to Spirituality & Religion in Social Work Practice. Before we get into the specifics of the course, let's review the course description.


Spirituality and Religion in Social Work Practice: This course will present an overview of the ways spirituality and religion play an important role in social work practice. Particular emphasis will be placed on the inclusion of spirituality and religion as necessary components of assessment, planning, treatment, and evaluation in culturally-competent social work practice. Students will examine the influences of a diverse range of religious traditions and spiritual practices.

2.0 Basic Information



  • Author: Canda, Edward R.
  • Title: Spiritual Diversity in Social Work Practice: The Heart of Helping
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
  • Edition: 2nd
  • ISBN: 9780195372793


Additional required readings in the course will be provided on Blackboard. Amazon offers this book in hardback and in their Kindle format, which can be read on a PC, Mac, or on any Kindle device.


Your Responsibility: This is an online course. You are responsible for ensuring that you have access to a computer with a high speed internet connection and updated software. Any software needed to view the movies or listen to the audio files associated with this course can be found for free on the internet. I have links to Firefox, VLC Media Player, and Adobe Acrobat Reader at http://stanfield.pbworks.com/Using-Technology. If you are unable to access a computer from home, please remember you have access to computers on Union's campus.


If you have difficulty accessing Blackboard, please consult the Getting Started with Blackboard document posted at http://stanfield.pbworks.com/blackboard .


If you are able to sign into the course but are unable to view/listen to some of the content, then email me at tstanfie@uu.edu or utilize one of the contact methods listed at:



Assignments/Assessment: You performance in the course will be assessed by 3 methods:

1. Three 50 question multiple choice exams (45%of grade)

2. Three 3 to 4 page case analysis papers (45% of grade)

3. A participation grade (10% of grade)


The deadline for the completion of the exams, papers, and any other assignments is 4:30 PM on Friday, January 28th.


Time Required: The course contains 3 units with 5 modules each. Each module should take you approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete, which means each module should take you approximately 12 1/2 hours. That means that all 3 units combined should take you approximately 37 1/2 hours, which is equivalent to the time you would be in class in a 3 hour credit course on campus.


The online sessions are asynchronous, which means you do not have to be online at any certain time. That means you can complete the course on your own schedule, but must have all work completed prior to the above stated course deadlines. The modules will be labeled as Unit 1: Module 1. You must complete the modules in order.

3.0 Upload a Picture


As part of your participation grade, I would like you to upload a picture to your Blackboard profile.  Some of you may already have a picture on your profile.  If so, there is no need to post another one.  I just want to make sure that everyone in the course has a picture on their Blackboard profile.


3.1 Video: How to Upload A Picture 

Click here for the video


4.0 Contact Policy

Click this link to read my contact policy.  Please be sure to read it thoroughly as your compliance with the policy is included in the calculation of your participation grade.


5.0 Housekeeping is Done

We have finished getting all of the housekeeping done. Now onto the course content.


6.0 Spirituality & Religion Defined


6.1 Video

Click this link to watch the video.


6.2 Slideshow Lecture

Click here to view the slideshow lecture.


6.3 Two Beliefnet "Quizzes"

Below are links to 2 quizzes on Beliefnet.com. Complete the quizzes and write a 1 paragraph summary of the results from both of the quizzes combined. Include your own thoughts on the results you got.  You can send your responses in an email to me at tstanfie@uu.edu.


6.3.1 - Belief-O-Matic quiz


6.3.2 - "What is your spiritual type?" quiz


7.0 Article 1

Read the Hodge and McGrew article (7.1). You will take a quiz on it in Module 2.


7.1 Hodge and McGrew article

Click here to read the article.


This is the end of Unit 1: Module 1.  Now you can proceed to Unit 1: Module 2.



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