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Writing Assignments

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 Helpful Software / Web Applications



  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't send me a Microsoft Works file (.wps).  It is almost impossible to open.  I would rather have an rich text format (.rtf) file before a wps.  If you need help converting your Works files to a Word or rtf format, refer to Method 1 posted here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315757 .  You can send Pages or PDF files as well.


  • When you send me your paper, please name it in the following format "lastname firstname assignment title.fileextension".  For example:  Stanfield Todd Final Research Paper.doc




  • If you own a Mac, then I HIGHLY recommend Scrivener for the organization and writing, then you can export it to Word or Pages for formatting.


  • But seriously, not having the $$$ for Word is not an issue.  Use one of the other options listed above.

 Helpful Online Resources

Google Docs in Plain English

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Zotero & Word

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Meet Grammar Girl

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The Merriam-Webster Ask the Editor video series is great too.  

One you might find relevant to social work is the Affect vs. Effect episode.  

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Here is what Grammar Girl has to say about the issue.


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