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In the unlikely event that I have to cancel class unexpectedly due to illness or an emergency, I will make every effort to notify you via email in a timely manner.

If I have access to email when I make the decision to cancel class, then I will send the class an email.

In addition to the email, you have the OPTION of receiving a text alert.


If you would like to receive text message notifications of emergency class cancellations for all my classes then you can follow these steps:


  1. sign up for a Twitter account,
  2. follow me ("drstanfield"), - For help on how to use Twitter, and how to follow someone, click here
  3. and turn on SMS notifications - for help visit http://help.twitter.com/portal
  4. Make sure you turn on notifications for "drstanfield" (see pic below).


I will use the "drstanfield" account for emergency class cancellations only.

Your cell service's normal charges for text messages apply.

If you no longer wish to receive the alerts, then you have to change your settings in Twitter.


For more about Twitter, watch the video below, or read Michael Hyatt's Beginner's Guide to Twitter.


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