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Page history last edited by Todd Stanfield 8 years, 2 months ago

In many of my courses, there are assignments that require use of the book before the second class meeting. You will be held responsible for those assignments. Having not purchased or not received a book that you ordered WILL NOT be an allowed excuse for turning in late assignments or taking make-up exams.


Can I use the previous edition of the textbook?

I am often asked by students:  "I have the 3rd edition of the textbook.  I know you have asked us to have the 4th edition, but I was wondering if it would be okay if I used the 3rd edition?"  My response:  I am not going to check whether or not you have the correct edition of the book, but our class discussions, quizzes, paper content, and exams will be based on the required edition listed on the syllabus. I CANNOT verify the differences between the required and previous editions of the book.  You can check with the publisher or in the preface to the required edition.  If you decided to use a previous edition, you do so at your own risk, realizing that the required edition may contain information and exercises that are either not in a previous edition or that have been updated since the previous edition.  This means that there is a risk you may not have the information needed to correctly respond to an exam question or other forms of evaluation in the course.  


I cannot afford my textbooks right now.

I encourage you to check with publishers and other outlets for electronic and hardcopy versions of the text that can be either purchased or rented for the duration of the course.  The rental option is often much cheaper than purchasing the book.  In many of my courses, there are assignments that require use of the book before the second class meeting.  You will be held responsible for those assignments.  In addition to Lifeway having the texts, there are online book retailers that offer next day and two day shipping options.  So again, not having your text will not be an acceptable excuse for not completing an assignment.  If you are not able to access the text for the purposes of the course, then perhaps you need to drop the course and wait and take it at a time when you can.


I ordered my textbook but it still hasn't arrived.

Please select an expedited shipping option so that you can have the text with you by the second class meeting.  If you have tried to get the text from the Lifeway store, and they say there are no more available and they haven't ordered any more, please let me know ASAP.


May I share a book with my classmate?

That is up to you.  You are responsible for understanding applicable copyright laws.  You are also responsible for any inconveniences that arise due to your sharing a book.


Do I have to bring my textbook to class?


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