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Helpful Info For Getting Started On LinkedIn



What Is LinkedIn?

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How To Create A LinkedIn Profile

More Web 2.0 videos at 5min.com

Dr. Stanfield's Guide To Getting Started With Linked In


     1.  Go to Linkedin.com

     2.  Fill out the information in the "Join LinkedIn Today" box.  Please use your uu.edu email address when registering.


   3. Fill out the additional information fields.

   4. Press the "Join Linkedin" button.


   5.  Check the boxes on the next page that pertain to your interests.

   6.  You will be sent an email to the address you used when you registered.  You have to open that email, and click the "Click here" link.



   7.  You will be taken to a page where you will need to click the "Confirm" button.


   8.  You will be taken to a login page where you will enter the email and password you setup earlier.

   9.  Click the profile button.



   10.  Click the "+ Add Photo" button on your profile edit page.



   11.  Click the "Browse" button to upload a photo that you would like to use as your profile picture. (You can zoom in after you upload it.)

   12.  After the picture is uploaded, use the yellow handle on the crop box and move the box around to crop your profile picture.

   13.  After you have cropped the image (a), click the "Save Photo" button (b).



   14.  Select which group you would like to see your photo.  At a minimum, you need to click Connections. Click "Save Settings."



   15.  Now type "Todd Stanfield" in the search box and press "Search."



   16.  Click my name.



   17.  Then click "Add Todd to your network."




   18.  Then select "Friend" and hit "Send Invitation."



   19.  Once I approve our connection, you will get an email that looks like this.



   20.  If you need help setting up your profile, make an appointment with me, and I will walk you through it.


   21.  After I add you to my connections, I will add you to my Huddle "workspace" on LinkedIn.  Watch the video below on more about Huddle.


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Using LinkedIn Mobile

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