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contact expectations

Page history last edited by Todd Stanfield 9 years ago

What to expect when you contact me:


  1. If you are contacting me regarding something related to my work at Union University, the best way to contact me is through my uu.edu email address.  If you are a student, please email me from your UU.EDU email address.  This lowers the chance that your email will get labeled as spam and not make it to my email inbox. When emailing me, please include your name in the email.  I often get emails that do not identify the sender.  Click here if you are contacting me for reasons unrelated to my work at Union University.
  2. I check my uu.edu email at least twice each work day.  Usually once in the AM, and once in the PM. I do not leave my email program open or use an alert/notification feature (click here to read why).  DO NOT routinely check email on the weekend (between 4:00 PM on Friday and 8:00 AM on Monday).  Please allow until the end of the next workday for a response.
  3. If you are currently enrolled in a course I am teaching, I suggest you check your uu.edu email at least once each work day for emails from me.
  4. My phone number is 731.613.4123.
  5. If you would like to meet with me in my office, feel free to come by, but be aware that I may be in a meeting or away from campus.  I am also likely to be away during the summer months.  It is best to make an appointment by emailing or calling me.
  6. Please plan far enough in advance so that you do not need to contact me on nights or weekends.
  7. I value my time with my family and want to give them my full attention when I am away from work.
  8. Need a letter of reference? Consult Dr. Gavin Richardson's A Word About Letters of Reference.
  9. If you wonder why I am so detailed about all of this, I highly recommend your read Margin by Dr. Richard Swenson.



Comments (2)

Todd Stanfield said

at 11:37 am on May 30, 2009

When leaving me a voice message or email that requests I call you back, please include the reason for your contacting me. In other words, say if it is about an assignment, a missed class, etc.

Todd Stanfield said

at 11:39 am on Jan 5, 2010

Also please say your name, phone number, and email TWICE when leaving a message. Thanks!

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